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Born and raised downtown Toronto, Vanessa Rieger graduated from OCADU in 2009 with a degree in Drawing and Painting. Combining her skills in fine art, wood working, set design, analog video and performance, this helped her develop a multidisciplinary art practice that gives her audience an immersed A/V experience. Some of her creative inspirations include haunted houses, sci-fi movies, practical special effects, VHS and cyber punk. Currently she works as a professional arts technician, gallery installer and Teacher’s Assistant for Integrated Media at OCADU.

Rieger currently lives and works between Toronto and Picton Ontario, where she has a woodshop and studio space.

Rieger is passionate about the arts community and studio practice. In 2009, she helped found the board of directors at White House Studio Project located in Kensington Market downtown Toronto and acted as Project Manager for 3 years. She sat on the Board of Directors for Whippersnapper gallery in 2012. In 2013 she founded/initiated the Artist Work Exchange Program at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island. Rieger was an active member of the Analog Preservation Network from 2013-14 and is currently in a collaborative arts project with Brandon A. Dalmer called “Videomancy” which specializes in live sculptural video projections.


Recent and notable art projects by Vanessa B Rieger. Details below.

Coffin Factory Funeral

March 2019
In honour of the former 89-109 Niagara
Toronto Star - As Toronto’s Coffin Factory dies, artists mourn their affordable live-work units NOW Toronto - From Coffin Factory to condo: artists say goodbye to storied loft space
CBC Here and Now - After nearly 60 years, the Coffin Factory is evicting its residents


Part of Eulogy For The Coffin Factory, Nuit Blanche 2019
Curated by Chris Foster & Daniel Rotsztain

"Decomposition" video component (12min), a timelapse of artist packing studio due to eviction.

Ghost Hole

Production and curation of seven haunted art shows in October, 2009-2015.

Ghost Hole Archive


Positive and safer party initiative. Providing safety while facilitating party.

Tarp Ghost

A post-apocalyptic ghost from the future, carrying an urban mythology that questions how our existence lingers and haunts the Earth long after our extinction.

Cell Phone Shrine

Installation for Feast in the East, Arts in the Park, July 8th 2017.
Cell Phone Shrine is a multimedia sculpture installation that acts as a religious monument to society’s “faith” in smart phone devices. The shrine possesses two columns, one of android chargers and one of Apple chargers. The viewer can interact with the shrine, either by kneeling, watching the video work on the monitor, or by plugging in their smart phones and charging their devices. Video is single channel 5 min loop.


Participated in the following art residencies, since 2013.

White Rabbit

Stages Crew member constructing stage screen for perfoming visuals, both as part of VIDEOMANCY. 2018.

Timelapse of the coastline at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

Timelapse of the Acoustic Stage setup.

Channel Surf

2-week nomadic paddle and portage residency along the Rideau Canal from Kingston to Ottawa to develop NIGHTLIFEGUARD.
Ended with an exhibition at G101, Ottawa. June 27 - July 7, 2015. All photos 35mm.
Curated by the Department of Biological Flow, 2015.

Don Blanche

Vanessa B. Rieger attended Don Blanche art residency in Meaford, Ontario, Canada in July of 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Drake Lab

Analog video art development residency, as part of Analog Preservation Network (APN).
Curated by Rea McNamara. 2015.

Water Walk Sky

Floating 8' x 8' gallery, off-shore at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island. 2012
Curated by Felix Kalmenson.

VJ / Video / Lighting

Vanessa B. Rieger has been working as VJ for over 5 years. Specializing in VHS analog to digital video, Vanessa creates colourful and sometimes psychedelic visuals, utilizing live feeds and projection mapping software. She has also acted as a live stage lighting tech, art director and lighting director for various live concerts, festivals and music videos.


VIDEOMANCY is a collaborative video installation duo (Vanessa B. Rieger and Brandon A. Dalmer), combining set installation with video and projection mapping techniques to create an immersive visual context for live performances and concerts.


Projection mapping installation at Pleasure Dome 25th Anniversary Party, Cinecycle, Toronto, Ontario. 2014.

Live Alien Autopsy at Kazoo! Festival Spooktacular, Guelph, Ontario. 2018.

Festivals & Shows

Firelight Festival

Projections and lighting. Crystal Palace. Picton, Ontario. 2018-2019.

Firelight Festival main stage projections. Crystal Palace. Picton, Ontario. 2019.

Kazoo! Festival

Projection mapping and stage visuals. Kazoo! Festival. Guelph, Ontario. 2016.

Night Owl Festival

Stage and venue decoration. The Rec Room. Toronto, Ontario. 2017-2018.

River & Sky

Stage lighting and projections. Fisher's Paradise. Field, Ontario. 2017-Present.

Venus Fest

Stage visuals. Various venues. Toronto, Ontario. 2017-2019.

Feast In The East

Stage decoration and lighting installation. Matt Durant Studio. Toronto, Ontario. 2017.

A Night With Pleasence

Stage projections. The Music Gallery. Toronto, Ontario. 2017.

Video Void

Monthly VJ/DJ night at Farside, Toronto, Ontario. 2016.

Other Shows

Various gigs in and around Toronto, Ontario.

Music Videos

Music video production & lighting/VJ projects.

Dilly Dally video (2019)

Bile Sister video (2015)

Analog Preservation Network

Collective of various artists working with analog and "obsolete" video formats. 2015-2017.

Mural & Street

Vanessa B. Rieger worked as a sign and mural painter, from 2005 - 2012. Experimenting with graffiti and street art while in high-school, Vanessa later worked as an artist and facilitator for various mural programs, youth programs and graffiti transformation projects for and within the City of Toronto.
While attending OCADu, Vanessa was part of the first group of student/artists to coordinate and execute the “Yellow Stairwell Mural Project”. The mural program continues at OCADu to this day. Vanessa’s mural can be found above the 4th floor in the Yellow Stairwell.

Drawing & Painting

Paintings completed by Vanessa B Rieger.

Artwork CV

Updated 30/10/18


Works assisted on or installed by Vanessa at the noted galleries. Click images for details.

Gagosian Gallery, Columbia University

Contracted to assist Ellen Gallagher with gold leaf application. 2018.

Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

Senior Gallery Technician and Art Handler


On-call Art Installer.

The Drake Hotel

Art Handler and Decor Installer. 2016-2017.

Other Work

Other art handling and installation work. Details per photo.

Installation CV PDF

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Updated 30/10/18